Jacob Appelbaum würde bei der BGV einen Gastvortrag halten, und wir dürfen uns aussuchen was das Thema sein soll. Also bitten wir um rege Beteiligung ;)
==Hintergrund ==

Wir sollen festlegen worüber Jacob Appelbaum reden soll.
==Christopher Clay: ==

The Austrian Pirates are opening their general assembly with a day of talks and workshops on Friday, the 26th.
 Topics of the morning are economics and the crisis, the afternoon is about democracy. (All other talks will be in German, though.)
 A slot from 4 to 4.30pm is free so far, but things could be shifted around within a 2pm–6pm window if another time works better.

Internet censorship, Tor, Wikileaks, net neutrality... any of those would be perfect topics if you feel like it.
==Jacob Appelbaum: ==

I'd be happy to talk about any of those things - how about we go with liquid democracy and have people decide for me?